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Band History

Current Members
Jenn Frank
Alex Thomas
Will Butler
Eric Tal
Adam Yanke
Mark Bowden

Former Members
Dave Wiemer
Andy Brommel
Rob Smierciak
Current Members

name: Jenn Frank
birthday: 08/14
sign: Leo
hometown: Portland, TX
status: offline
spare time: video games, toys, books, dulcimer
band duties: vocals, some wordsmithing
member from: 01/03-Present
currently: a show with the live action cartoonists, rock and roll, writing the great american short story collection, dieting
right now she's: a redhead
in 2004 she said: "Sometimes these ideas strike me as funny in my dumb poo brain, and I have to say them fast as possible, without taking the time to moderate, modify, or articulate properly, and as soon as I say them this horrible black void settles on whoever I'm with, and they just look at me like 'What did you say?' and I spend four days feeling this awful weird guilt, like I accidentally murdered someone, and all because, in the great end, I'm simply not very funny." "Tentacle porn: Hot or Not?" "Last Tuesday my TA asked me if I knew what diaspora was. I said it sounded like a pharmaceutical."

name: Alex Thomas
birthday: Friday the 13th, Feb 1981
sign: aquarius
hometown: Shermer, IL 60062
status: single
what's in his cd player: U2, The Cardigans, Material Issue, the theme song to Perfect Strangers
spare time: drawing comics, forging signatures, guarding my junk
band duties: drums, backing vocals
member from: 01/03-Present
currently: in his second year of medschool, a member of the Live Action Cartoonists, drawing "The Adventures of Captain Hare Borne and the Space Squadron" and "Bottom of the Food Chain" for the Boulder Dirt
right now he's: desperately trying to correct a time paradox that could theoretically bring about a collapse of the space-time continuum
in 2004 he said: "I have two mutant powers. I can imagine any person, ANY PERSON completely bald. And I can also sound exactly like a goddamned woman on the phone. I choose to use these gifts for good. For with great power comes great responsibility." "As my mother always says, 'let's pump this mammajamma out!!'"

name: Will Butler
birthday: October 6, 1982
sign: Libra
hometown: Evanston, IL
status: datin' a lady
spare time: having asthma
band duties: bass guitar, also one third of the Bowden/Butler/Frank hit machine
member from: 01/03-04/03, 09/03-Present
currently: writing papers, rock and rolling, writing papers, rock and rolling, jet setting
right now he's: writing a paper for school
in 2004 he said: "'boner' in a classroom setting" "Puke til you rock!" "Will Abraham Lincoln Butler... nah, that's too long."

name: Eric Tal
birthday: Canada Day, 1982.
people with same birthday: Dan Aykroyd, Carl Lewis, Princess Diana, Missy Elliot, Pamela Anderson, Liv Tyler, Twyla Tharp, Genevieve Bujold
expected birthday: June 28th, 1982
People with same expected birthday: Princess Diana
sign: cancer, same for all the famous people. except princess di: paparazzi.
hometown: Houston, TX, H-Town, Space City?, Fattest City #1; Lasi, Romania
status: full, luscious beard
spare time: tubing
band duties: strings section, dance captain
member from: the moment mark threw my face down into the stage as if i were some sort of convict (i.e. 10/03-Present)
currently: planning my great voyage
right now he's: deciding whether he'd rather meet a ghost or alien. ghost is clearly the right answer.
in 2004 he said: "i wish for riches. i wish for a wonderful companion. i wish i could transform my dance powers into guitar powers. poof!" "It's as if all the muscles are gone and my head is about to fall off."

name: Adam Yanke
birthday: March 6 1980
sign: Pisces
hometown: Akron, OH
status: In a relationship
what's in his cd player: Talking Heads, Rachmaninov, Megadeth
spare time: speakers, biking, photography, movies
band duties: keys
member from: 02/04-Present
currently: second year medical student trying to figure out why he is here
right now he's: trying to figure a way out to stop time, or if not stop it, maybe just slow it down, but in a way that he would still be able to move quickly, but the people moving slow wouldnt even know that he was moving quickly, its hard to explain, there are a lot of ins and outs
in 2004 he said: "i felt so much younger than i do when you are reading this"

name: Mark Bowden
birthday: January 5, 1982
sign: Capricorn
hometown: FREEPORT, IL. Home of the Pretzels
status: American
spare time: Read political blogs shamefacedly. Naps. Taint.
band duties: Manager, Producer, ex-dancer, svengali
member from: 10/03-Present
currently: Teaching for America. Airplaying for the Future of Man. Living on a Prayer.
right now he's: awe-inspiring feats
in 2004 he said: "Sorry dude." "In retrospect, I totally agree." "She was kind of cute...short....frizzy hair" "PEACE OUT. SIKE. SUCKAZ."

Former Members

name: bk
birthday: March 12, 1979
sign: Pisces...oooh, Pisces
hometown: Chicago, Il/Boulder, Co
status: Free as a bird
what's in his cd player: Eric Johnson, Pat Metheny
spare time: Hiking, Cooking, Reading
band duties: Lead guitar, backing vocals
member from: 01/03-01/04
currently: Working in Denver for a software company, writing music in his free time, and getting in touch with his inner-self
right now he's: Watching the Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense" DVD for the kajillionth time
in 2004 he said: "as much as i would love to be back playing with the band, i'm simply having too much fun out here in colorado. the weather is great and there's so much to do." "i have this thing with esp, see...call it what you want, coincidence, heightened senses, but i can predict when things will happen."

name: Dave Wiemer
birthday: November 27, 1980
sign: sagittarius
hometown: glenview, il
status: to be married on June 25, 2005 to Heather Redding
what's in his cd player: The Postal Service, Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous, The Greatest Polka Album You've Ever Heard
spare time: watching TV, writing, working out, working it
band duties: rythm guitar, backing and occasional lead vocals, rock star jumps
member from: 01/03-06/03
currently: working in Hollywood as an assistant in the "Without A Trace" writers office, planning my wedding with Heather, missing the rock star lifestyle (see Alex's bio)
right now he's: trying to stay awake
in 2004 he said: "Guys. Dudes. Dudettes. Listen. I'm seriously worried about bk. Who sets up a website for a band he's no longer a member of? Guys. Seriously."
in 2003 he said: "Start a band without me? Yeah, good luck with that, assholes!"
in 2002 he said: "Assholes! Start a band with me? Yeah! Good luck with that!"

name: Andy Brommel
birthday: april 17, 1982
sign: aries
hometown: st. paul, MN/evanston, IL
status: engaged!
spare time: sound design, skiing, all types of ill shit
band duties: bass
member from: 04/03-08/03
currently: working at northwestern university and doing sound design
in 2004 he said: "ONE TWO THREE FOUR" "i want to know how many tibetan monks we will get for our fly dancer squad. i was promised a 'heaping helping' of them in the contract i signed."

name: Robert Michael Smierciak
birthday: 12/28/92
sign: Under Construction
hometown: Lemont, IL
status: Extremely single
spare time: No such thing as spare time. I practice with my (other) band, the Amberjacks, write music, take bass lessons, sports (football, baseball, cross country, tennis, track) plus fun stuff: skiing & horseback riding
band duties: auxiliary bass player, "Searching High" music video star
member from: 04/17/05-04/24/05
currently: I'm a miler in track (just ran a 6:29) and looking forward to the last day of school so I can play & write music 24/7. Going to camp Wapsi in June and to Washington with the fam in July.
in 2005 he said: "gimme five!!" ::swipes hand away to brush back his hair::